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Prayers for World Food Sunday and the Week of October 16, 2022

Please feel free to join us in the prayers prayed in worship this Sunday -- World Food Day -- October 16, 2022:

Loving God,

you created the world in love,

and you love us still.

You have come to us in Jesus Christ

with love, healing, justice, peace, and tender mercy,

to save us from all that does us harm.

You hear the cries of the vulnerable,

and so we voice the needs we see in the world,

in our own lives, and in the lives of others.

We pray for those who are hungry,

for food enough and more,

for systems that secure food and nutrition

so that all your children might live and thrive.

We pray for an end to systems that oppress,

particularly systems of American racism,

and unjust economic systems.

We pray for those who are unhoused, shelter,

for those who are hurting, healing,

for those who are lonely, companionship,

for those who mourn, comfort.