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The Session is the governing body of a Presbyterian congregation and each Elder, as a part of Session, works to ensure that resources of time, talent, and money are used appropriately to meet the goals of the church and its congregation. Each Elder serves on at least one of the committees as noted below.

Meet our Session Elders

Team Member Name

Alice Graham

Clerk of Session, Worship

I’m an Easterner who came to California sixty years ago to attend graduate school and stayed to have a career as a school librarian. I love opera, writing, cooking, knitting, good books, and am happy to be a part of this church.

Team Member Name

Jillian Robinson


From Pittsburgh and retired from jobs in medical and special education fields, I now find my days packed full of volunteer challenges. I enjoy the process of gardening, painting and crafting. I delight in pampering my neighbor's cat, and traveling.

Team Member Name

Martha Joyce

Member At Large

In addition to running our church website and serving as the church rep on the San Anselmo Preschool board, I work on a variety of special projects. Professionally, I’m a marketing consultant for technology companies. I live with my husband Michael in San Anselmo and I am an avid Masters swimmer.

Team Member Name

Raquel Nelson


Originally from the East Coast, our family has called Northern California home since 1994 and San Anselmo since 2010. I've taught history at Archie Williams High School since 2005. I love being active on the hiking trails, in the classroom, or on a vital team at FPSCA.

Team Member Name

Dave Jones


Retired after working 35 years at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Elder on the Resources Committee, Buildings and Grounds Team Leader, and choir member. Married to Marita Mayer with two children and four grandchildren.

Team Member Name

John Cowperthwaite


I am a lifelong San Anselmo resident and recently retired. Singing in the choir and hiking the Marin hills are things I am enjoying. Carol and I have been married since 1990. Our daughter Elizabeth is also a member of the church.

Team Member Name

Maureen Kalbus

Worship, Chair

Born in Northern Ireland, I spent forty-five years in Elementary School education as a teacher, then school principals on three continents! Since retirement, with my husband Ralph, I am engrossed in golfing, local theater, entertaining friends, and traveling. Additionally, I delight in creating flower arrangements for services.

Team Member Name

Rebecca Conant


I am a professor and geriatrician at UCSF. I love baking and skiing, and spending time with family.

Team Member Name

Jessica Powell


I am a professional actor, originally from Michigan, who’s kept the best of Calvinism and Methodism in my journey. I grow lots of tomatoes, swim, and am filled with wonder by the night sky.

Team Member Name

Lindsay McLorg

Church & Society

I served on the board of Tam House, providing homes for 20 seniors in San Anselmo, for nearly 20 years. I became a member of FPCSA in 2004, inspired by the community’s compassion and grappling with social justice issues. Our family joy is a recent grandson.

Team Member Name

Patrick Mitchell

Resources, Treasurer

Educated with a degree in political science and self-employed as a CPA who does income tax work, I am a person of ideas who views life and living from both a compassionate perspective and a dispassionate one.

Team Member Name

Robin Sparks

Personnel, Chair

I also serve on the Resources Committee and the Presbytery Investment Advisory Committee. I taught in local high schools and junior colleges for 40 years and in my retirement, I enjoy knitting prayer shawls. For fun, I attend live performances of the symphony, ballet, and theater.

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