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3rd Wednesdays

Men's Group

This group offers men an opportunity to share their life experiences and practice listening and empathy skills. More often than not, our stories and conversation fills the 90 minutes we’re together, but we sometimes include a reading that guides the discussions.  Come join us every 3rd Wednesday in the Fireside Room from 7:30 to 9 pm! Led by David Altshuler.

Weekly, September - mid-June

Book Reading Group

This group meets weekly from September to mid-June  in the Fireside Room at 3:00 – 4:30 PM and is involved in reading challenging popular books chapter by chapter. Contact: Mary Anne Cowperthwaite.

Sundays, 11:15 am

Sunday Seminars

Sunday Seminars typically start at 11:30 am in the Sanctuary.  Seminar topics and formats vary. Guest speakers, videos and other presentations spark lively conversation. See the events page for the current schedule. After worship, stop by Duncan Hall for coffee and then come join us.

Wednesdays at 9 am

Transition Support

Life is full of transitions: marriages and divorces, family births and deaths, career changes, changes in economic circumstances – and all of which can leave us wondering which end is up.  We are a community of encouragement and support during these times, and we are committed to confidentiality.  We “check in,” offer prayers of support, and study a book together. The group members rotate facilitating, and meet every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the church office conference room.

Monthly, as scheduled

Life Stories Writing Group

The writing group meets once a month to read stories we write to each other. The forum is designed to encourage memoirs or other forms of written expression: poetry, essays, fiction, or whatever may interest you. This experience provides a discipline to write on a regular basis. The group convenes on the second Monday of the month, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the library. New members are welcome. Contact: Jo Gross.

Thursdays at 9:30 am

Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is a way of being in God’s presence in wordless silence, using a technique to avoid giving attention to the thoughts that inevitably come up during silence. Our group meets every Thursday from 9:30 am to 10:00 or 10:15 in the library, with prayer using 20 minutes of that time. Centering prayer technique is easily taught—though not necessarily easily done—and needn’t be known before attending. All are invited. Contact: Royce Truex, or just show up on Thursday mornings.

As scheduled, September- August

Theatre Outings

Enjoy the delights of experiencing live theatre as a group, and the opportunity to discuss the experience of the show. Outings are planned for each production of the Ross Valley Players’ September - August season, which takes place in “The Barn Theatre” at the Marin Art and Garden Center. The plays are diverse in their themes and settings, but the standards are consistently high.


Contact Maureen Kalbus

Mondays and Thursdays, 9:30 am

Fitness Group

To exist within a body is a magnificent gift from God, which we honor by keeping fit. This has been our mantra since our inception in 1993. Each Monday and Thursday morning we meet for fellowship and exercise at 9:30 am in Duncan Hall. The hour-long class consists of a series of non-impact stretch and tone movements, a short free weight session, modified yoga postures for balance, mat pilates and a simple ballet barre. The class is ongoing and open to everyone in the church and community free of charge. Contact: Judie Donovan.

As scheduled

Dinner Parties

Share a potluck meal at a member’s home and get to know each other better around the table. Everyone is invited to participate, including families with children! Participants’ names are randomly sorted into groups of 8-12, and the groups meet four times during the year.  Questions? Call Martha Wall.

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