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Prayers for the Week of November 13, 2022

Photo Credit: Inger Hewitt

Please feel free to join us in the prayers prayed in worship Sunday, November 13, 2022:

God of love and wisdom and life,

you created everything that is in love,

and you invite us into life

together with you and with each other.

By the power and presence of Wisdom,

you have created us with the capacity

to find ways of living that lead to more life,


never alone,

always with you.

With all your creation,

we give you thanks and praise.

We bring, this morning, the concerns and prayers of our hearts,

knowing that before a prayer is on our lips

it is already known to you.

Help us to see more clearly the deep need of the world,

to say true things,

and to see our way to healing and life.

We pray for a world living in the midst of climate emergency,

your beautiful world that we have damaged to the verge of collapse.

Help us let go of all the ways we misuse and abuse the Earth,