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Prayers for the Week of March 27, 2022

Artwork: “Inexplicable Joy,"

created by Hannah Garrity,

used with permission via SanctifiedArts

Please feel free to join us in the prayers prayed in worship Sunday, March 27, 2022:

Creating, nurturing, welcoming God,

God of love and life and more life,

God of friendship, family, and community,

your grace reaches farther than

all that pulls us apart,

and you draw us back home,

reminding us that we are created

to live life together,

each of us, all of us,

forgiven, loved, and free.

For every separation in this world,

we pray your reconciling, healing presence.

In a world of war, we pray for peace.

We pray for peace in Ukraine, and for all nations.

We pray for those whose homes lie in the path of battle.

We pray for those who have fled for safety,

help us and the world to welcome in

those who are far from home.