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Prayers for the Week of June 21

Please feel free to join us this week in the prayers we prayed this Sunday, June 21:

Creator of all that is,

Heavenly Father, Mothering God,

you have given us this day,

full of sunlight and life,

you’ve blessed us with community,

with a sense of our place in creation,

we give you thanks and praise.

We give you thanks for

the movement toward justice that we have seen this week

even as so much injustice abounds.

We give you thanks for hope

and for the opportunity we have

to work with you for a better day.

We give you thanks this day for fathers,

and for all who do the challenging and worthy work of parenting.

Thank you for all the ways they love,

for their humble, loving, strength,

for their wisdom, and their laughter, and their hope.

We pray for a world still moving through pandemic,

as cases of COVID19 continue to rise.