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Prayers for the Week of February 14, 2021

Please feel free to join us in the prayers we prayed in worship, this Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Our service this week considered prayer in "the place where words run out" -- praying in silence -- praying our intention to be with God. The prayers here begin with a form of the silent prayer we prayed in worship, followed by a few words of prayer, as well.

Praying in Silence -- A Breath Prayer

· Settle in to your space.

· Become aware of your surroundings, the place you inhabit.

· Become aware of your body. What are you feeling? Any aches. anywhere you are tense and tight?

· When you’re ready, I invite you to bring your attention to your breathing – your breathing in, your breathing out. The breath that God has breathed into us – breathing in, breathing out.

· In just a moment, we will pray our intention to rest in God’s presence. You may just want to say, “God, I’d like to spend some time with you.”

· When distractions come – and they will – thoughts, worries – I invite you to let them go and return to our intention by returning to your breathing – your breathing in, your breathing out.

· Holy God, may we rest and abide in your presence for a while.


Holy, Loving God,