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Prayers for the Week of April 26

We invite you to join in the prayers lifted up this Sunday in worship. Please pray with us:

God of all creation,

you loved the world into being,

and you have never left our side.

As glaciers have ebbed and flowed,

as tectonic plates have moved

and shaped and reshaped continents,

across history and in every moment,

you have loved this world,

and you love us still,

and we give you praise.

We thank you for the bright warmth of springtime,

for the fresh bloom of flowers,

for the song of birds,

the howl of coyotes,

and the braying of goats.

In the tumult and peril of the world,

you always give us signs of life.

We pray for the hurt of the world,

this Earth we love,

imperiled and reeling in climate emergency.

Help us to see the harm we have done,

and to make it right.