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Women's Gathering Report

Members of the Organizing Team and I were delighted by the response to the church’s first Women’s Gathering via Zoom, on Saturday, July 25, and the outcome! Forty- two women had registered, and it was a pleasure seeing familiar faces on the screen, many from our local congregation, members who had moved interstate, Scott’s mother, and three of my cousins in Northern Ireland! The enthusiasm was palpable!

We all reveled being together, and sharing in the different activities, ranging from the tantalizing icebreaker, to meaningful blessings and prayers; from discussing in groups how we have been dealing with the Coronavirus, to enjoyable energizers; from learning Spiritual Practices and practicing in pairs, to a creative activity involving drawing hearts and illustrating feelings; from stimulating music to lighting candles/flashlights towards the end. Seeing the screens light up around the world, reflecting our theme, “Let Your Light Shine” was inspiring!

Immense thanks to Mary Kathryn Marcom for her technical expertise, enabling the Zoom event to happen, and for us to work in groups and pairs, and to each Team Member (Laurie Buntain, Christine Grossi, Gina Guillemette, Erica Heath, Jillian Robinson and Martha Spears) for leadership in different segments, following the weeks of brainstorming. We were indebted to the participants, who took a leap of faith by trying something new, and enthusiastically embracing it.

It was a worthwhile, wonderful morning!

Maureen Kalbus, Chair

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