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Vaya Con Dios, Joanne!

How we came together to send Joanne on her way!

In morning worship, which happened to be World Communion Sunday, there was an explosion of color in Virginia Thibeaux's liturgical art, beautiful flowers from Maureen Kalbus and the Flower Guild, a moving tribute from Bob Conover on behalf of Presbytery of the Redwoods, and the presentation of a prayer shawl made by the Knitting Group. There were drums! There were bagpipes! There was laughter, and a few tears.

At the evening celebration, there were 178 people in Duncan Hall, can you imagine? Thanks to Karl Roulston, there wasn't a folding chair to be seen. Beautiful flowers from Maureen graced each table, and the food - organized by Martha Spears and Debbie Ghiringelli Catering - was superb. And then there were all the memories and tributes celebrating our 14.5-year journey with Joanne. Tom McAfee put together a beautiful slide show with all your contributed photos. Dave Jones was our most excellent Master of Ceremonies. We presented Joanne with a Book of Letters submitted by so many of you (if you regret not being included, just send your letter to Joanna in the church office and it will be mailed to Joanne). Jo Gross and Mary Waetjen presented Joanne with a collection from the Life Stories Group. Maureen presented Joanne with the gift of flowers. Walt Davis paid tribute to Joanne's remarkable preaching over the years. Firefly (Robin Truitt and Linda Price) sang an original song. The Kensingtones rocked the house. And yes, Guy Noir (Ralph Kalbus) stopped by and was enlighted on Ecclesiastes by Dave Jones and Chuck Wright.

Thanks to so many who helped bring this celebration to life.

Enjoy a few photos, courtesy of Audrey Mahler (if you have more photos, send to

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