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Update on Reclaim Our Vote

Fighting Voter suppression -- how you can participate during the Stay-at-Home order.

By Lisa Della Valle, Church & Society

At the beginning of April, Royce Truex wrote an informative essay on voter suppression and how we as a congregation can support RECLAIM OUR VOTE (ROV) in this important effort. Together with ROV, Sister District and Indivisible Marin are joining forces to address voter suppression.

All three of these volunteer- driven, voter outreach campaigns help empower voters of color and fight voter suppression, especially in the South. Nationwide there are 16.6 million community of color voters that are inactive or unregistered for the 2020 election.

Since March 22, our congregation has sent 380 postcards encouraging disenfranchised North Carolina voters to inquire about their registration status. If they are not registered, our postcards supplied information as to how they can register.

I have 3 packets of 20 postcards left if you are interested. Some of you are writing postcards to residents in Georgia’s rural areas. That campaign will end May 7 but new ones will follow soon after. I'll keep you posted!

Another campaign beginning in May will target Arizona Democrats asking them to sign up to VOTE BY MAIL. Again, I will send information via FPCSA Friday e-mail about how you can get and stay involved through mid November 2020!

If you have questions, please contact me.

With appreciation,

Lisa Della Valle

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