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Prayers for the Week of September 13, 2020

Please feel free to join us in the prayers we prayed in worship Sunday, September 13, 2020:

Holy, Loving God,

you have created all that is,

sky, and sea, and stars, and moon,

trees and grass, and fish and birds,

and us.

You created all that is, and named it good;

we thank you and we give you praise.

We gather, part of your creation,

in these days,

in the midst of the Earth’s howling

in climate emergency,

as fires burn, and smoke chokes the air.

We acknowledge our collective part

in placing the Earth in jeopardy.

We pray for the healing of creation,

and for the backbone radically to change our ways of living,

in ways that repair and sustain our global life.

In the midst of fires, we pray for all those in harm’s way.

We pray for those displaced from homes,

for all life that has been lost.

We pray for firefighters, and first-responders,