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Doug Olds says farewell

Editor's Note: the following letter was shared with Session in June.

Dear Members of Session,

With the pastoral transition ongoing at FPCSA, I too am leaving as Pastoral Associate. As many of you know, a Pastoral Associate serves at the discretion of the chief pastor. I want to give the new pastoral staff discretion to work with someone aligned to their vision for ministry. My last day as Parish Associate at FPCSA will be August 31, 2019.

I greatly appreciated my time at FPCSA—for the opportunities for worship leadership and especially the small group ministry with the Anti-Torture Team, Climate Action Team, and small seminars on Bible Study, Drone Warfare, and carbon audits. I also recall rewarding and appreciative sessions of pastoral care with various congregants—some now deceased. Going forward I will seek out ministry opportunities in smaller groups and venues as they seem best suited to me.

I also am thankful for FPCSA hosting my decarbonizing church doctoral project. The open and fearless feedback I received from our congregation will make this a stronger practical approach. The local teams I am working with intend to bring this project to other faith-based institutions. FPCSA will always be its foundation.

Again, my deep gratitude for helping me develop my practice of ministry here. I will remember this congregation and staff with fondness.

Together we serve,

Doug Olds

Doug Olds' last day with us will be August 31, 2019. Thank you Doug!

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