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“Beauty”: Reflections on the 27th Women’s Retreat

Updated: May 6, 2022

The conversations at the 27th annual Women's Retreat on beauty and the warmth of the community inspired Mary Waetjen to write this poem, which we share here.

Beauty is reflected in every face

of the women who have come

together. Each one has a story,

a life that contains joy and

sorrow, great happiness, but also deep

grief. Our God who created us

is present in every moment of

our lives. We are never alone

but are held in arms of

Love, to give us courage, strength,

stability, even in the dark when

the light seems far away. Yet

we have heard Jesus’ words. “I

am the light of the world.”

We claim that for ourselves, becoming

for others the light that reflects

the beauty, the love of the

Divine. “Behold, I am with you

always. I have called you. You

are mine.” We are co-creators with

God, using our gifts, our lives,

to bring beauty into our world

with compassion, generosity, care and all

the love that we can give.

Mary Waetjen - 4/30/2022

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