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Lent 2020

White privilege, white supremacy and reparations are complicated subjects.


We have planned a series of presentations and opportunities for dialogue about them, hoping that in the end we can commit to ongoing reparations work. We plan to focus on reparations efforts that are local and that we can engage and do as a community – in collaboration with and in accountability to communities and persons of color.  We are aware that there is also a very specific national question of governmental monetary reparation payments, but our focus is on local learning and action – action that will likely address monetary and wealth inequality locally, as well as other reparative efforts.

All seminars begin at 11:30 in the Fireside Room. Everyone is welcome.

Discussion topics will focus on the following videos and books (download the program flier for detailed information):

"Racism isn't just what you say, think, do, and feel. It is also what you allow."

DaShanne Stokes

March 1: White Like Me (Part 1) 

March 8: White Like Me  (Part 2)

March 15: The New Jim Crow (TED Talk by Michelle Alexander)

March 22: Notes from the Field by Anna Deavere Smith

March 29: "Facing the Truth, the Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehisi Coates

April 5: Reflections and Proposal

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