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Say hello to our newest members

Learn more about the remarkable people who joined our church on Sunday, September 9th.

Chuck Wright is a familiar face around here because we have watched him grow with his beautiful daughters since they were very young. Chuck was raised in the First Presbyterian Church in Ft Collins, CO. He’s a person of wide interests: one example being that he graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Social Sciences and minors in Philosophy and Criminal Justice. He served as an Officer in the Coast Guard, both domestically and internationally for 7 years, and later lived in London for 17 years where he built High Rises and where he met Fiona who is also a member of the church. He lives in Fairfax and continues his career in the designing and building high-rise buildings in San Francisco.

Juliette Razafiarisoa is joining us as an affiliate member. She has been an ordained minister for 25 years and is presently the Director of the Theological Seminary of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (known as FJKM), which trains men and women for ministry. She is a member of the National Council of the FJKM and a member of "Tsena Malalaka" which is an exchange forum for women theologians from Africa and Europe. Currently, Juliette is working toward her Doctor of Ministry Degree at SFTS. She is married and has 2 children and 2 young grandchildren

Mary Lee Marcom is from Jonesboro, Ark. In her work life she was Chairman of First Bank and Trust of Jonesboro and for 26 years a real estate broker. Her husband of 57 years passed away 6 years ago and health issues led her to Marin to be close to her children, John, who lives with his husband in SF and Mary Kathryn who recently joined and has quickly become an active member of our church. Mary Lee’s church life has been a central part of her being as life-long, devoted and deep-rooted Methodist. Over the years she was President of United Methodist Women, on the Administrative Board, Finance Committee, and Board of Trustees of her home church.

Angelo Sphere is a teacher and published writer who grew up in the hills above Tam Valley. He began his teaching career in Japan and taught in Community Colleges for many years before deciding to teach High School. He met his wife, Malissa, in New Orleans and their child, Phoenix, was born six days before Hurricane Katrina hit that area. They fled back to the Bay Area as economic refugees after that disaster, lived in the East Bay and joined St Johns Presbyterian Church in Berkeley where Malissa continues to worship. They now live in Fairfax and Angelo teaches at his alma mater, Tam High!

Jack and Jessica Powell have been married for 42 years. They are both professional actors and met at a party of Fellow Actors in New York City when they both lived there. Their religious upbringing is one of contrasts: Jack is being baptized and joining the church for the first time today whereas Jessica was raised in a strict Calvinist community that included Christian schools all the way through Calvin College.

Jack is native Californian and started his acting career as a junior in high school playing Conrad Birdie in Bye Bye Birdie. He has played in many roles, some of his favorite being Shakespearean. During the Vietnam War he found himself in the Air Force being trained to work on the missiles systems of B52. As soon as he got out of the Air Force he returned to Theater.

Jessica is from Grand Rapids, Mich. This strict Calvinist upbringing included no cards, no movies, no TV, no reading of funny papers or homework on Sunday but through all of that she always knew that she was deeply loved and encouraged by her parents. She has worked locally with Marin Theater Company, Marin Shakespeare, Berkeley Rep, Mountain Play. In addition to theater, two forces in her life have been Social Justice and Creativity in worship.

Coreen Hester is a native Californian, now living in Corte Madera. She has had a career both locally and internationally as an educator, school principal and Head of Schools including both The Hamlin School in SF, The Branson School in Ross and most recently 10 years as Head of School at the American School in London. Presently Coreen is a consultant who helps International and American Schools in such places as Johannesburg, Milan, Singapore and Saigon find Heads of School.

Suzabelle Spaulding is joining as an affiliate member. Her home church is Mendocino Presbyterian Church. She is from New England where she grew up in a large family. She graduated from Wesleyan College in Connecticut and then came to San Francisco because of her interest in multimedia. She received her MA in Clinical Psychology from JFKU to become an expressive arts therapist (MFTI) and has worked in schools with children and families. She is presently working toward her Master of Divinity degree at SFTS (University of Redlands) with a special interest in the area of chaplaincy.

Elizabeth Anderson has been very active in our church for several years. She grew up on Catawba Island, Ohio on Lake Erie and in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After college at Ohio State she moved to Sacramento where she lived for 30 years. She now lives in Lagunitas but enjoys extended visits with her grandchildren and their families in Alexandria, VA. Her work life included 25 years of working with computers in a variety of agencies for the State of California.

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