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Prayers for the Week of September 27, 2020

Please feel free to join us in prayer this week with the prayers we prayed in worship, Sunday, September 27, 2020:

Holy God,

we lift our eyes to the mountains;

you are our help –

help for the weary,

help for the hurting,

help for those who feel

the blunt edge of oppression,

help for those who must

undo what we have done,

help for all those on a journey.

You are our help in ages past;

you are our hope in days to come;

we give you thanks and praise.

We pray for your help for a world

reeling in climate emergency.

You created everything that is,

named it good,

and filled the world with beauty.

We have put the world in peril.

We pray for your help in finding our way

to healing, sustainable ways of living

that repair the harm that we have done.

We pray for a world in pandemic,