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Prayers for the Week of May 17

We invite you to join us this week in the prayers that we prayed in worship this Sunday, May 17:

Creating, loving God,

in the beginning you made us, and all that is,

and from the beginning,

you have accompanied and sustained us along the way.

You have created us for life in community.

When your people have hungered

you have provide manna in the desert,

oil and flour and bread,

loaves and fishes,

and you have charged us with the care of each other,

and particularly for the most vulnerable in our midst.

Help us to share in your work

of providing daily bread,

and remaking a world where everyone has enough.

We pray for this world suffering in pandemic.

We pray for healing for those who are sick,

for comfort for those who grieve,

for an end to pandemic.

We pray especially today for those who have lost jobs,

and who are searching for ways

to support and feedtheir families.

Give us wisdom and compassion

to find ways to provide for that need