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Prayers for the Week of August 9, 2020

Please feel free to join us in the prayers we prayed in worship Sunday, August 9, 2020:

Loving God,

whose mercy and steadfast love

are more expansive than our imagining,

you have created all that is;

you accompany all you have created;

your steadfast intention for good never wavers;

we give you praise.

We thank you for the blessing of our days,

and we come to you in prayer,

in the midst of a hurting and a troubled world.

We pray for the world, suffering in the midst of pandemic.

We confess the ways that

our national lack of discipline and compassion

has resulted in more harm and death

than could have been.

Help us as a nation to do better.

Give us leaders with compassion and courage;

give us the self-restraint and moral courage

to live lives that honor and protect the lives of others.

We pray for all those around the world who are sick,

for their healing.

We pray for all who mourn,

for their comfort.

We pray for all those in the healing professions,

with thanks for their steadfast work these many months,

continue to gird them with strength.