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Prayers for the Week of August 23

Please feel free to join us in prayer this week with the prayers we prayed in worship Sunday, August 23, 2020:

Mothering God,

you birthed and breathed life into all creation,

you’ve come to us in Jesus Christ,

your Word in our flesh,

and your Spirit empowers us to breathe together

to live life together

to serve together.

We give you thanks and praise.

We come to you in a world that is hurting beyond imagining,

with storms, it seems, on every front,

and we are weary.

We cry out with the Psalmists and seek your help.

We come to you in the midst of wildfires

all over the state of California and across the West.

We pray – with deep gratitude – for firefighters

who are risking their lives to contain these fires.

Give them strength, and endurance, and success.

We pray for those displaced and

for those whose homes have been destroyed,

we pray for shelter and comfort.

Help us help them to recover and rebuild.

We pray for all your creatures breathing toxic smoke,