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2021 Women's Retreat Review

By Maureen Kalbus

On Saturday, May 1st, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm, our church’s twenty sixth Women’s Retreat was successfully held via Zoom, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions. Forty-three had registered, some inter-state, and all were excited to be gathered on line, delving into their feelings about this last challenging year, and sharing with friends. One person said had put on lipstick for the first time in a year, another, earrings, and someone else, perfume!

The theme was “Self-Compassion” and exploring “The Hill We Climb”: the poem Amanda Gorman wrote for the Presidential Inauguration. Both were appropriate for the times through which we have been living. After our opening welcome and prayer, introductions and an ice breaker, Rev. Charlotte Russell warmly and caringly, led us through our deliberations, giving us thoughts and references which we could use any time. These I have shared in my “Sheltered reflections” #26. Charlotte is well known to our congregation, as a daughter of Betty Stott, and through her involvements in decades of Zephyr Experiences. Valuable time was spent in small groups, discussing posed questions, with Group Leaders giving feedback. Interspersed through the morning, we enjoyed music videos and energizers.

At the end, I expressed my gratitude to Charlotte, the Organizing Team: Laurie Buntain, Erica Heath, Marita Mayer, Barbara Rothkrug, and Martha Spears; The Group Leaders: Laurie, Erica, Marita, Joan Flood, Christine Grossi, Lindsey McLorg and Jillian Robinson; the poster designer, Martha Olsen Joyce; our technical guru, Martha Spears, and the participants for joining us, and enthusiastically reveling in our unique retreat. It was a worthwhile, rewarding time together.

Maureen Kalbus Women’s Retreat Organizer

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