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January, 2020 Update

Our pastor, Joanne Whitt, retired on October 6, 2019 after 14 1/2 years with this church.  We are excited to welcome The Rev. Scott Clark as interim pastor, beginning November 1, 2019.


January 2020 Update

The Pastor Nominating Committee has recently completed a Mission Information Form (MIF) and posted the position on the PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection (CLC) site. We are also advertising the position in Presbyterian Outlook. 


Help spread the word!

If you have a candidate in mind, please encourage them to check out our MIF and our Mission Study Report, then apply through the CLC site. 


PNC members are bound by confidentiality so will be unable to share the names and current status of any suggested prospective pastors.

PNC Co-Chairs:

David Conant

Gina Guillemette


We invite candidates to learn more about the open position of Pastor on the PC(USA) CLC.

To apply, please use the PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection (CLC) site.

Applicants from denominations other than the PC(USA) and our partner denominations may send a Personal Information Form (PIF) or resume and statement of faith to the Pastor Nominating Committee at

Phase 1 (complete): The Mission Study Team conducts a mission study.

We look at where First Presbyterian is today, and where we aspire to go. This informs the kind of pastor we seek who will help us realize these aspirations. The Mission Study Team was appointed in April, 2019 and completed its study in September of 2019.  MST members: John Cowperthwaite, Laurie Buntain, Erica Heath, Dave Jones, Martha Joyce, Margaret Melsh, and Raquel Nelson.

The Mission Study Report was presented to Session on September 24, 2019. 

Phase 2 (complete): The congregation elects a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

The Nominating Committee presented a slate of PNC members, which was approved at our Congregational Meeting on September 22, 2019. The PNC will soon begin the work of developing the Ministry Information Form (MIF) and managing the pastor selection process.

Members of the PNC are: David Conant, Sarah Conant, Lisa Cosby, John Cowperthwaite, Asma Eschen, Frank Ferguson, Gina Guillemette, Mary Kathryn Marcom, Peter McConnell, Angelo Sphere, Margy Tuck


Phase 3 (complete): An interim pastor is called

When a pastor retires (as opposed to accepts a call at another church), we have plenty of time to do the work of a Mission Study and elect a PNC while she is here. Prior to her departure in October, the Personnel Committee will engage an interim pastor from candidates proposed by the Presbytery. The interim pastor will begin immediately after Joanne leaves and walk with us until the call our next pastor.


We are excited to welcome The Rev. Scott Clark as interim pastor, starting November 1, 2019.


Phase 4 (in process): The PNC searches for and selects our next pastor

This process begins with the development of a Ministry Information Form (MIF) that is approved by Session as well as the Presbytery of the Redwoods’ Committee on Ministry. It describes our church and our mission to prospective pastors, and is a reflection of the Mission Study, our mission and our values. The MIF is shared with prospective pastors via the PC(USA) websites and other outlets. The PNC receives and reviews candidates’ Personal Information Forms (PIFs), conducts interviews, hosts “neutral pulpits” and checks references. The process culminates with a call to the final nominee.


Phase 5: Congregation elects and welcomes our new Pastor and Head of Staff.

Once the candidate has accepted, Session calls a Congregational Meeting, at which the congregation elects the new pastor. Presbytery approves the candidate and the Terms of Call.


We’ll provide regular updates to keep you informed every step of the way.

The Mission Study Team received 100 responses to our written survey. Thank you!

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