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“Some people to the church repair, not for the doctrine but for the music there,” goes a popular wit from the 1740s. 


Music deserves special mention as it is often the primary reason people are first attracted to our church. Add to the mix thoughtful and relevant sermons AND an active and warm community of people – you’ll not want to spend Sunday morning any other way. 

The Chancel Choir is a vital ministry bringing singers together to share uplifting and quality music with the congregation and the community. Not only do we join the congregation in hymn-singing, we provide an anthem and the opening and closing choral music for worship. Additionally, we bring in other talented musicians from within and without the congregation, including clarinetists, a flautist, violinist, guitarists, African drummers, and even bagpipers to enhance the worship experience. 


Linda Price

Chorus Manager

Daniel Canosa


Multi-faceted singers, directed by Daniel Canosa

We’re lucky to have well trained and studied singers, but we welcome all who simply feel the music in the soul.  Our music director Daniel Canosa sets the bar high, yet has expertise in breaking down even the most challenging sections of the music to help us sing and sound our best. 


Every Thursday evening during the school year, from 7:30 to 9 pm in the Sanctuary.  During the summer, simply show up at 9 am to learn the music for the 10 o’clock service.  

Singing with us need not be a lifelong commitment. Come as you are able to rehearsals for Sunday worship or one of our special works – you are most welcome.

Twice a year, we welcome enthusiastic singers from the wider community and a small orchestra to join us in producing more challenging works. For these we'll practice an hour once a week and an occasional Saturday morning. Our varied repertoire has included longer pieces such as Durufle’s Requiem, Kodaly’s Missa Brevis, the Passion of Saint John by Schutz, a compendium of spiritual arrangement by Rutter, and Ramirez’ Missa Criolla

Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man

Carnegie Hall

In 2016, this talented group of singers sang Karl Jenkin’s The Armed Man at Carnegie Hall. It was a privilege to be the only American choir invited to sing this poignant piece, striving for world peace after the devastation of war, with 300 choristers from Europe.


 COMING SOON! We'll be offering hour-long music appreciation seminars related to upcoming concerts or the pieces the choir is working on.  Sign up for Events@72Kensington emails.

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