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"Ways of Wisdom" -- Worship Series Summary & Spiritual Practices

For the past seven weeks in worship, we’ve been considering – “Ways of Wisdom” – thinking of Wisdom as “ways of living that lead to more life.” For my own reflection, I put together a summary of the ground we covered. I noticed that each week, we also encountered a spiritual practice we could give a try. I thought I’d put that all in one place and share it – as together, we seek a spirituality we can use in our everyday lives.

What follows is a summary of the series, and then a list of the practices.

“Ways of Wisdom” Summary

Wisdom is a seeking together for ways of living that lead to more life.

The beginning of Wisdom is not knowing – standing before something bigger than us, and saying, “I don’t know.”

That’s the beginning of Wisdom, but Wisdom doesn’t leave us there. From that point of not-knowing, Wisdom points us toward learning. God has created us to learn together – with each other and with God (who is always present).

One of the ways that we do this is by sharing the Wisdom we have learned down through the generations: One generation wraps up the Wisdom they have learned and passes it along as a gift to the generations that follow – ready for them to open when they need it, and to bring it to life in their moment.

Embodied in the lives we live and grounded in our identity in Christ, Wisdom points us to an action/reflection model for learning:

1. reflecting on the life we live with God and each other in this world (“a long loving look at the real”);

2. rethinking;

3. living it out.

We live that out in the work we do in the world – our vocations, our professions, in the work of family and community.