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Prayers for the Week of May 24

We invite you to join us this week in the prayers that we prayed in worship this Sunday, May 24:

Loving God,

Maker of the world,

Giver of life,

you have given us

another day of life to live for you,

and we give you thanks and praise.

You have given us life to live

in a world of complexity,

where so much feels uncertain and new,

and you have equipped us

with the power of love and imagination

and the abiding presence of your Spirit,

that frees us to live life together

beyond and through and round everything that separates us.

We come to you with the deep prayers of our heart.

We pray for an end to pandemic,

for healing, helping ways to make our way

through this season together,

mindful not only of our own pain and isolation,

but also of every person, in every circumstance,

living life behind every kind of door.

On this Memorial Day, we join our nation

in remembering and giving thanks