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Prayers for the Week of June 14, 2020

Please feel free to join us this week in the prayers we prayed in worship:

Creating God, we give you praise and thanks

for this world you have made –

for mountains and plains,

for oceans teeming with life,

for plants and trees the cover the earth,

for the bright sunshine of springtime

We thank you for this earth,

we see that it is good,

even as we also see all the ways

that we have done it harm, for so many years now.

We have used the earth for extraction and production,

with little concern for its care.

We have polluted it with our waste,

filling the air with more carbon than it can bear.

We have pushed the earth into climate emergency.

God have mercy, and help us.

Help us end our old ways that

will lead us to collective destruction.

Help us care for all creation,

with a truer sense of how

we are created in the image of you,

to love and tend and mend the rest of your creation.