Green Chautauqua

Speaker Series: Responding to Climate Change

Green_Chautauqua_logo_2This series of lectures focuses on what many believe to be the crisis of our time: climate change. Our goal is to partner with leading experts and the local community to address ways that we can respond with hope.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, January 14, 2018
11:30 am -12:30 pm
“Climate Heroes on Trial: The Valve Turners”

Michael Foster, teacher and tree planter
Emily Johnston, poet and author
in conversation with Peter B. Collins, syndicated talk radio host

Hear the courageous stories of two of the five Valve Turners who shut off the valves on 5 pipelines delivering dirty crude from Canadian tar sands to refineries in the US. Learn why they acted out of necessity to raise our awareness and protect the planet while there is still time. Support the group’s upcoming legal fight and ground-breaking Climate Necessity Defense. Refreshments will be served. Co-sponsored by First Presbyterian San Anselmo, 350 Marin and the Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter.

The event is free. Donations will be collected to support the group’s legal defense fund.

Co-sponsored by First Presbyterian San Anselmo, 350 Marin, and Sierra Club San Francisco Bay.

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Past Events

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
“Explore the Compassionate Diet”


Explore the Compassionate Diet and Help Reverse Climate Change

with best-selling author
Colleen Patrick- Goudreau

Learn the myths and facts surrounding the “climate friendly” plant-based diet. A 350Marin’s Climate Diet Team event co-sponsored by Green Chautauqua

Refreshments: 6:30pm
Program: 7pm

Donations: $5 appreciated

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Saturday, March 4, 2017
“Standing with Standing Rock”

Photo by Thane Maxwell

with Larry Bragman and Ford Greene in conversation with Erin Schrode
(all observer-participants at Standing Rock last fall)

also featuring Cherokee-Metis singer songwriter Jane De Cuir

For a playback of the event, click here.

For a copy of Peter Anderson’s slides, click here.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
“Eating Our Future or Feeding Our Health? The Climate-Diet Connection”

with speaker Michael A. Klaper, M.D.

Dr. Klaper will show how our food choices impact not only our health and well-being, but our ability to reverse climate change and heal the planet. Presented by Join us at 6pm from refreshments and socializing, with the program starting and 7pm and ending at 8:30pm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016   7:00-9pm
“Did the Climate Change in Paris?  What’s Next?”

with Keynote speaker Mark Hertsgaard and panelists Elizabeth Ferguson, Emilie Anna Reaves, and Jeremy Lent

For the first time, nations around the world agreed that we need aggressive goals. And with their inadequate commitments so far, it has further highlighted the gaping chasm between where we need to go and where we’re headed.What does all of it mean for climate activism going forward?  What are the opportunities for 2016? What are the false solutions that we may start hearing about? And what can each of us be doing in the following months to have the greatest impact on the climate crisis?

Presented by 350 Marin,  Hear Mark Hertsgaard, celebrated Nation magazine Environmental Correspondent and author of the hopeful Hot: Living Through the Next 50 Years on Earth, speak on these topics. His talk is followed by a discussion with 350Marin activists who were in Paris.  The Community Conversation then continues with a Q & A. Suggested donation $8-10. Refreshments available  from 6:30 to 7 pm.

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12/2/15: Climate Solutions from the Ground Up: Carbon Farming

with John Wick
co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project

In co-sponsorship with 350Marin; Environmental Forum of Marin; Marin Water Coalition; MOMS Advocating Sustainability; Pesticide Free Marin by 2016;
Pesticide Free Zone; Sierra Club Marin Group;Sustainable Fairfax; Sustainable Homestead Valley; First Presbyterian San Anselmo.

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6/6/15:  “How Solar Houses Can Power a Town”

with Harvey Wasserman
Journalist and Author

Harvey Wasserman

Harvey Wasserman

Harvey Wasserman has served as senior advisor to Greenpeace and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. He is a popular radio talk host, columnist, author and lifelong activist for clean energy. Harvey Wasserman will speak to us about how solar collectors on each roof top can lead the way to 100% clean energy and energy independence. Join us for an inspiring and informative talk on the great transition to clean energy.

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3/13/15: Climate Crisis: The Case for a Carbon Tax

with Peter Joseph
Citizens Climate Lobby

Dr. Peter Joseph

Dr. Peter Joseph

Dr. Joseph is group leader of the Marin Chapter at Citizens Climate Lobby and an emergency physician trained to help educate the public about the devastating impacts of global warming. He is the co-author of The Little Engine That Could: Carbon Fee and Dividend, the Popular Choice winner in the U.S. Carbon Price category of this year’s MIT Climate CoLab contest. Dr. Joseph will propose an economic solution to the climate crisis that can be acceptable to conservatives and progressives alike.

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1/9/15: The Next Economy: Toward a Sustainable Global Future

with Garvin Jabusch
Co-Founder, Green Alpha® Advisors

Garvin Jabusch

Garvin Jabusch

Garvin Jabusch is cofounder and chief investment officer of Green Alpha ® Advisors, LLC and co-manager of the Sierra Club Green Alpha Portfolio. He also authors the Sierra Club’s green economics blog, “Green Alpha’s Next Economy.”  Garvin will share insights on green investing, and focus on the practicality and consequences of divestment from fossil fuels – both for individuals and organizations.

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10/22/14: Our Clean Energy Future is Within Reach

Michael Brune

Michael Brune

With Michael Brune
Executive Director of the Sierra Club

Michael Brune is the executive director of the Sierra Club and author of Coming Clean: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal. Michael will show us how we can put our convictions into practice to change our nation’s energy priorities. He will offer an inspiring vision of the clean-energy future within our reach.

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 6/7/14: The California Drought – The ‘New Normal’ and How to Build Resilient Communities

With Brock Dolman
Permaculturist and watershed expert

Brock Dolman

Brock Dolman

Brock Dolman is a Sowing Circle Community member and the Director of Occidental Arts & Ecology Center WATER Institute ( and Permaculture Design Program, and he co-directs its Wildlands Biodiversity Program. He co-instructs Basins of Relations and permaculture-related courses. Brock also co-manages the Center’s biodiversity collection, orchards and 70 acres of wildlands. Living up to his specialized generalist nature, and rekindling the dwindling art of the peripatetic natural historian, his experience ranges from the study of wildlife biology, native California botany and watershed ecology, to the practice of habitat restoration, education about regenerative human settlement design, ethno-ecology, and ecological literacy activism towards societal transformation.

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1/31/2014: Facing the Facts: Climate Change and the Actions that Matter

With Melanie Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
We are now entering a crucial time for action on climate change. Recent data suggests that 2011 to 2020 is the time during which we must begin to turn around our heat-trapping emissions in order to stabilize the climate system and limit increasingly dangerous impacts. Learn what actions we can take now that will make the biggest difference.


Dr. Melanie Fitzpatrick

For a playback of Dr. Fitzpatrick’s talk please visit our YouTube channel.

About Dr. Melanie Fitzpatrick
Dr. Fitzpatrick is a climate scientist with the Climate and Energy Change Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (U.C.S.). Her work encompasses basic climate research, the local and global consequences of climate change, and communicating scientific findings to policy makers, the media and citizens. Dr. Fitzpatrick has been cited by the New York Times, USA Today, the Associated Press, and Reuters. Read more her website.

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About Green Chautauqua

Green Chautauqua is a speaker series created to bring the latest research on climate change to the Marin community. Modeled after the popular adult education movement of the late 19th century, Green Chautauqua believes that through awareness and understanding we will be better equipped to respond to  one of the most urgent problems of the modern era.  Organized by First Presbyterian Church in collaboration with many leading climate change organizations of the Bay Area.