Small Groups

Small groups are the wellspring of our congregational life, creating lifelong friendships as well as an opportunity to study, work, and socialize with each other. Take a look at the small groups that are currently active, reach out and learn how to get involved.

Sunday Seminars

Sunday Seminars start at 11:30 am in the Sanctuary.  Seminar topics are varied, featuring guest speakers and lively conversations. See the events page for the current schedule. After worship, stop by Duncan Hall  for coffee and then come  join us.

Centering Prayer Meditation

Centering prayer is a way of being in God’s presence in wordless silence, using a technique to avoid giving attention to the thoughts that inevitably come up during silence. Our group meets every Thursday from 9:30 am to 10:00 or 10:15 in the library, with prayer using 20 minutes of that time. Centering prayer technique is easily taught—though not necessarily easily done—and needn’t be known before attending. It is more a matter of intention than attention. All are invited. Those who feel drawn to silence or enjoy silence are more likely to find centering prayer a suitable spiritual practice. Contact: Royce Truex,, or just show up on Thursday mornings.

Closely Knit Group

This is a great place to make new friends as you chat and knit, knowing that the project at hand will bring warmth to someone who will benefit from a handmade gift created by a knitter who wished to spread cheer and love in this way. Most of our knitting is done at home, on our own, but we do enjoy occasional get-togethers. This group was formed in 2009 by Phyllis Schlobohm and Maggy Hughes. The first project resulted in a donation of more the 70 preemie caps to a local hospital. Afghan Blocks became afghans, and many prayer shawls have been delivered as gifts of comfort and love to our older adults. More than 70 caps and 42 scarves have been donated at Christmas time to our winter shelter guests. Preparation of gifts for this year’s shelter guests is already underway. Yarn is supplied by the Deacons and some of the knitters and patterns are provided. Contact: Phyllis Schlobohm,

Fitness Group

We’re celebrating our 25th year! To exist within a body is a magnificent gift from God. Keeping fit honors the sacredness of that gift. This philosophy has been the mantra of our fitness group since our inception in 1993. Each Monday morning we meet for fellowship and exercise at 11:45 am in Duncan Hall. The hour-long class consists of a series of non-impact stretch and tone movements, a short free weight session, modified yoga postures for balance, mat pilates and a simple ballet barre. The class is ongoing and open to all women in the church and community free of charge. Contact: Suzan Plath,

Life Stories Writing Group

The writing group meets once a month to read stories written by members. The forum is designed to encourage memoirs or other forms of written expression: poetry, essays, fiction, or whatever may interest the writer. This experience provides a discipline to write on a regular basis. We remain non-critical and aim to offer encouragement. Over time, our hope is that our reflections will provide a history for our children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren. The group convenes on the second Monday of the month, 10:00 am – 12:00pm in the library. New members are welcome. Contact: Jo Gross,

Book Reading Group

This group meets weekly from September to mid-June  in the Fireside Room at 3:00 – 4:30 PM and is involved in reading challenging popular books chapter by chapter. Contact: Mary Ann Cowperthwaite, Tel: 453-2216.

Transition Support

Life is full of transitions: marriages and divorces, family births and deaths, relocations and career changes, retirement, graduation, changes in economic circumstances, the “empty nest” – and all of these transitions can leave us wondering which end is up.  The Transition Support Group is a community of encouragement and support during these times, and we are committed to confidentiality.  We “check in,” offer prayers of support and study a book together.  The group is facilitated by Pastor Joanne Whitt, and meets every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the church office conference room.

Men’s Group

Men’s Group meets every third Wednesday in the Fireside Room from 7:30-9pm.  All men are welcome.  Even though the church is a congregation, there can be few opportunities for men to congregate and share their life experiences together, let alone their feelings.  This group offers that opportunity, which aims to increase listening and empathy skills over general conversation or problem solving.  More often than not, the hearing of life experiences fills the 90 minutes we’re together but we sometimes include a reading that guides the discussions.  Come join us! For more information, contact David Altshuler,

Women’s Connection

Women’s Connection is a small group that meets regularly to enjoy community and discuss various topics relating to faith and spiritual practice and share our unique experiences of God with one another.  We are women who range in age with varied life paths, current contexts and perspectives.  Ours is an informal group, meeting every month or so on second Monday evenings, and we welcome others to join us.   Upcoming meetings will be listed on the events page here and and in Sunday announcements.  Contact: Gina Guillemette,