The Session is the governing body of a Presbyterian congregation. Those elected by the congregation to sit on this body are called Elders.

Elders are called to exercise leadership, government, and discipline for the life of the church. Elders are elected to serve on Session for three year terms, but the office of Elder is “perpetual” – that is, once you have been elected as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, you are an Elder for life, even if you are no longer serving a term on Session. Each Elder serves on at least one of the committees as noted below.

Our Session understands and takes seriously the reality that it has both the authority and the responsibility to provide meaningful worship, to care for one another, and to strive to join in the work that God is doing in the world. It is the Elders’ responsibility to ensure that resources of time, talent, and money are used appropriately to meet the goals of the church and its congregation.

Current Elders:

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Jim Cunningham, Education
Margaret Melsh, Resources
Robin Sparks, Personnel
Vivian Volz, Nurture
Judie Donovan, Worship
Mary Ilyin, Resources
Patrick Mitchell, Resources
Virginia Thibeaux, C&S
Libby Davis, Nurture
Erica Heath, Nominating
Laurie Buntain, Resources
Rebecca Conant, Education
Alice Graham, Worship
Ralph Kalbus, Worship
Royce Truex, C&S

C&S = Church and Society