Serving Our Church

Looking for ways to get more involved? There are many opportunities to serve and contribute, in ways both small and large. Take a look, find something that stirs your soul, and contact the church office or one of the leaders listed throughout this section.

Sunday Sign-Ups

Greeters, ushers, coffee servers, and communion servers make Sundays at First Pres warm and welcoming. Sign up for serving on Sundays→

Committees and Teams

Presbyterians love teamwork! Many of the ministries of this church are overseen by  committees. You don’t have to join a committee to serve, but it’s helpful to know who to contact with questions or ideas. Learn more about committees→


The Session is the governing body of a Presbyterian congregation. Those elected by the congregation to sit on this body are called Elders. Learn more about Session→


The Deacons are elected to a ministry of care and compassion both within and outside the congregation. As with Elders, Deacons are elected by the congregation to a three-year term of service on the Board of Deacons, and the office is perpetual: once a Presbyterian Deacon, always a Deacon. Find your deacon→

Green Team

We recognize that we are called to be stewards of God’s creation – the earth and everything on or in it. We strive to practice Global Stewardship which recognizes that we live in a global society, and that our actions must be mindful of our interconnectedness with all people. More about global stewardship→