Prayer Requests

Please let us know your prayer request by speaking to the pastor, calling the church office, 415-456-3713 or sending an e-mail to  Recent requests are in bold text.

Requests for prayer and any detailed information shared with us will be kept confidential if you prefer.  (Adding your name to the list here is optional.) You may also speak to our pastor directly to request prayer support.

Those Whom We Wish To Hold In Prayer:

To comfort those in mourning: Millie & Paul Gibson, Marci Duys and her extended family, Juliet Wood, Judie Donovan, Trex Donovan and their extended family

…and the friends and families of Maida Barrick, Phyllis Ongaro, Terry May, Linda Meagor, Lenore Hicks, Virginia Shaffer, Betty Menist, Mary Hyde, Helen Horen, Dorothy Houston.

To ask for God’s continued healing: Diane Baumsteiger, Steve Bicknell, Tim Bluhm, Scott Blumenthal and family, Pam Byers’ family, Ted Coppock, Art Curtis,  Jan Fairchild, Verna Fairchild, Grace Ferguson, Kay Fuller,  Bob Gray, Jane Hamilton, Brenda Hansen, Holly Hines, Phil Heinecke, Angela and Tom Hurst, Arianna Husband, Sally Johnson, Miriam Kazan, Phil Kazan, Michael Maeder, Bill Permar, Diane Rittenhouse, Dick Schlobohm, Betty Stott, Rolline Vestal,  Mitch Weiner, Mardys Whiteman.

To ask for God’s help and guidance: wherever there is hatred and strife; to First Presbyterian Church of Garberville, Community Presbyterian Church of Calistoga, to those who are homeless; to those dealing with natural disasters or human-made tragedy; to political prisoners and survivors of torture;  for humble recognition of whatever unearned privilege we enjoy, and for justice and peace in our country and around the world.