Our Purpose

In response to the gift of Jesus Christ, we seek to love and serve the world, expressing our faith through worship and service.

In our worship, we seek to feed and energize the people of God whose calling it is to love one another, express gratitude, ease suffering, and work for justice.

In our service, we seek to be instruments of God’s justice and love for the human family, joining God’s work in the world. Our hope is to sustain a dedicated, cohesive, and vibrant community that embraces the full diversity of our county and focuses our collective energies on the real needs of people.

In our fellowship, we strive to create an inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued, and known, and where our joys and sufferings are shared. We believe that each voice has its own beauty, and we seek an orchestration of our energies where each member is involved and integrated into the community’s life.

In our interactions with the larger community, we invite others to join us on our journey. We intend to increase our role as a center of community activity and service for all ages. We believe that on the journey of faith we are constantly expected to learn, to grow, and to teach. We believe that constant learning, sharing of our personal and material resources and involvement in the church’s life and ministries are expressions of the Christian life. We seek to provide a context for all ages to learn faithfulness.