Our New Covenant with “Bread for the World”

Because our congregation has been involved in several programs and organizations that deal with hunger, and a relationship with Bread for the World was recently established, the Church and Society Committee, consistent with the way Session is organized now, decided to form a Hunger Team. Royce Truex will be its chair and Alice Graham and Miriam Kazan will also be members. Anyone else who is interested in hunger
issues is warmly invited to become a member. The congregation’s current activities related to hunger are:

  • Food Bank offering during every worship service. (In 2011 we donated approximately 1000 lbs. of food)
  • Cents-ability Offering each month. (We gave $2073 in 2011)
  • Meals to Mill Street Shelter once a month for too many years to count
  • Meals to the men who are our guests every Friday during the REST Program
  • The annual CROP Walk sponsored by Church World Service every Spring

And now we add Bread for the World. At its November meeting  the Church and Society Committee approved Joanne Whitt’s  proposal that we become covenant members of this organization.

Bread for the World defines itself as “a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s leaders to end hunger at home and abroad.” Among other activities, members write personal letters and emails to members of congress and other leaders, especially during an event called an Offering of Letters, attempting, often successfully, to influence national and international policy related to hunger issues. The next Offering is scheduled
for March 2013, and the Church and Society committee will sponsor it as a church wide event.

By joining Bread for the World, we also covenant to…

In our worship and study…
• to seek God’s message for us regarding our hungry brothers and sisters
• learn about the causes of – and the solutions to – hunger, emphasizing the role of public policy

In our working and giving…
• to help hungry people in our community
• to support our church’s relief, development and education  programs
• to participate corporately in the work of Bread for the World and to encourage individuals to consider membership

In our living…
• to give prominence to the needs of hungry people to reflect in our lives an awareness of our role as stewards of God’s gifts

In addition to Bread for the World, the Hunger Team plans to strengthen our ties to the Hunger Task Force of Redwoods Presbytery
and the Presbyterian Hunger Program of the PC(USA). You can certainly expect that the issue of hunger locally, nationally and internationally will become more prominent in our congregational life.

10 year member of this church. As Chair of Communications, I am currently focused on leveraging technology and our printed materials so we communicate more effectively as church members and with our extended community.

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