Lent 2017: For Such a Time As This

For this lenten season, consider participating in a carbon fast

Lent is traditionally a time of spiritual disciplines preparing ourselves for the new life we celebrate at Easter.  Often people choose to fast to help them reconnect with God and reorder their priorities.

While our culture is faced with many urgent problems, our whole world – God’s creation – is threatened by global warming.  When it comes to climate change, the urgency of the problem may not seem so obvious.  The consequences appear to be far away. We find it hard to comprehend the significant risks posed by global warming because we can’t usually see them with the naked eye. Yet if we fail to reduce heat-trapping emissions, we will cross a threshold, and the changes in our world will be irreversible.

In response to this crisis, we offer our community a “carbon fast,” which helps reorient us as part of God’s good creation and helps the earth by reducing our carbon output.  We are called to this fast, at this urgent time.  Perhaps the Church is here “for such a time as this,” when our community and neighbors face this urgent climate crisis.  During Lent, we will lift up our connection to God’s earth and creation in worship, and offer daily and weekly practices that help reduce our carbon emissions.  The goal is always Easter, new life and reconnection with God.  This year, we pray we also reconnect with God’s creation.

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