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A note from Jo Gross…
Since writing and sharing the first edition of Sunrise, I’ve been encouraged to publish and make the book available to a larger audience. With slight revision from the original text, these early childhood stories offer a glimpse of the rural landscape and life on a family farm during the last years of the Great Depression. My hope is for school children to learn history from my stories and older people to  find joy in remembering, either as a child or a grandchild, the long ago times of one-room school houses, small towns, scarcity of conveniences, lack of communication, reliance on neighbors,  country social gatherings, national pride, disputes and gratification of living off the land.

Sunrise, my book, is now available on

10 year member of this church. As Chair of Communications, I am currently focused on leveraging technology and our printed materials so we communicate more effectively as church members and with our extended community.

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