For Visitors

Sunday worship is at 10 am, with Sunday School for children through Grade 5 beginning at around 10:15 after the children’s sermon. When you visit us on Sunday morning, you can expect a worship service in a traditional Reformed style.

“Reformed” is the branch of Protestantism that includes Presbyterians. “Traditional” does not mean unchanging or overly formal—it does mean you will hear more organ music than guitars, our pastors wear robes, and the worship space contains pews, a pulpit, and stained glass.

Non-clergy readers regularly assist in worship, and we sing new hymns as well as the old standards. Our dress code is simple—wear clothes. You will see people in jeans and t-shirts, as well as people in neckties. We try to provide variety and energy in our worship.

Visitors often say after joining us on Sunday morning that they feel “something is happening” at our church. It could be the warmth of our welcome. It could be our work for peace and social justice. It could be our calendar full of activities and small groups. There is clearly something for everyone.

If you have not been to church in a long time, or if you are no longer sure how you feel about church, we think you will feel at home here. We don’t believe we have all the answers. We don’t shy away from questions, and we work to hear and accept different points of view, both theological and social. We are a congregation that is comfortable wrestling with big questions.

Join us on Sunday morning. Stay for coffee. Try out a small group (or two). Join a committee. We believe it is a Christian practice to get involved—so much so that you will frequently hear our motto “Together we serve.”

Our sanctuary, restrooms, Fireside Room, Library, courtyard, and Duncan Hall are wheelchair accessible.

Hearing aids are provided for the hearing impaired.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, you can take the next step here.