Finding the common heart in democracy

If you are a neighbor of this church, you may have found a leaflet near your door or mailbox. It’s called an “Invitation to Wordless Prayer.” It simply says:

With fewer than 100 days to go before the presidential election, it often feels as though we’ve heard enough words. And yet, regardless of our political affiliation, we all long for the same thing: We long for what’s best for our nation and its people.

We invite you to offer your own silent hope for our country. Simply tie the attached strip of fabric to the prayer net at the corner of Ross Avenue and Kensington Road. If ‘prayer’ is not a word you use, then please offer your intention, gratitude, and/or hope.

It’s no small thing to canvas the neighborhood with fliers and strips of fabric. Yet we feel this is one small gesture we can make in modeling the respect and caring that lies at the heart of our imperfect democracy. Surrounded by the hyperbole of the pre-election season, it’s easy to focus on what makes us different. As a neighborhood church, we want to be a part of what makes us the same.

So as you drive or walk by the corner of Ross Avenue and Kensington Road during the next 100 days, glance over at the prayer net. Know that each streamer represents someone’s deepest hopes for this country. Taken as a whole, we hope it becomes a powerful metaphor for what creates and sustains community.

The pre-election prayer net at Kensington Road and Ross Avenue. Tying a streamer to the net is one way of expressing our highest hopes and dreams for our country.

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  1. Anne Towler

    Fri 12th Aug 2016 at 8:39 pm

    What a wonderful way to involve our community and church. Hopefully there will be more prayers than we can count. I’ll add mine next Sunday.


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