We have a special place in our hearts for families. We know it is not easy to parent children in our often over-scheduled world. We are the “village” that encircles our families with wisdom, shared experiences, and laughter.

Parenting Groups (led by a spiritual director, discuss the big picture of parenting)

Family Games/Sports (Intergenerational softball, musical jam sessions, and board game nights

Worship Leadership (we invite children to learn the ropes of worship typically starting with ushering)

KidSing (weekly rehearsals to learn to sing, music is part of worship ever 6-8 weeks)

Game? Play? Recital?

I keep hearing about amazing plays, fabulous seasons, and dance recitals after they happen.  Please invite me along (and the more time to plan ahead, the better)!  I’d love to catch a game or performance.  Send me a schedule, and Thanks!  – Diana