We have a special place in our hearts for families. We know it is not easy to parent children in our often over-scheduled world. We are the “village” that encircles our families with wisdom, shared experiences, and laughter.

Monthly conversation on Parenting

We all know that parenting can be a consuming activity and responsibility, one that produces great satisfactions and oftentimes frustrations and uncertainties as well.

It is also well known that good things happen when people who are in similar circumstances share their experiences and their concerns in a group, gaining the wisdom and support of those going through the same or similar experiences.

The hope is that in our group we can deal not only with parenting techniques – how to’s – but also to allow ourselves the time to step back and reflect on our parenting in the context of the rest of our lives.

Next Meeting: Sunday, October 20, 1:30-3:30 PM
Fireside Room (inside the sanctuary building on the right)

Family Game Night

Bring your favorite board games and potluck to share!
Saturday, October 12
5-8 PM
Fireside Room (enter the sanctuary and turn right)

Game? Play? Recital?

I keep hearing about amazing plays, fabulous seasons, and dance recitals after they happen.  Please invite me along (and the more time to plan ahead, the better)!  I’d love to catch a game or performance.  Send me a schedule, and Thanks!  – Diana