Serving Our Community

Our church is engaged in a wide range of community‐centered programs including the Marin Food Bank, the Rotating Winter Shelter for homeless adults, Emergency Shelter meal delivery, and the Ross Valley Ecumenical Housing Association.

REST (Rotating Emergency Shelter Team)

Since December of 2009, we have participated in the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (REST) along with many other Marin County faith communities to provide food and shelter for the homeless, beginning in November with the onset of the raining season, and concluding in March. More about winter shelter→

Hunger Relief

Hunger is a growing problem, as economic pressures continue. According to the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP), one of every seven people in the world is food insecure. We seek to address hunger and its causes in our community and around the world. More about hunger relief→

Together We Serve Sunday

On this day, typically in November, members and friends of the congregation attend worship in work clothes, then go into the community to perform a range of services projects suited to all ability and energy levels. Anyone is welcome to participate in Together We Serve Sunday projects, regardless of church membership. Contact: Chris Schilling,

San Anselmo Preschool

The San Anselmo Preschool Center was originally created as a way to provide access to affordable, quality preschool education for the surrounding community. Located in the church’s spacious education wing, it is a thriving program run by a volunteer Board of Directors under the auspices of the First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo. Learn more at