Committees and Teams

If you’ve got ideas or a desire to serve your fellow church members, a good place to start is with an existing team or committee. There are six committees that oversee the various ministries of our congregation. Take a look, and reach out to the appropriate contact listed below.

Families and Youth

This committee works closely with our Associate Pastor for Families, Children and Youth to create programs and fellowship opportunities. For more information, contact: David Conant,

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees programs designed to nurture and enrich our understanding of Christian life in the 21st century for people of all ages. For more information, contact: Joanne Whitt,

Nurture Committee

This committee is focused on activities and events that keep members connected to each other and to the community.

  • Older Adults
  • Fellowship
  • Membership & Outreach
  • Equipping Ministries
  • Communications
  • Memorial Garden

For more information, contact: Martha Olsen Joyce,

Church & Society

The Church & Society Committee oversees our church’s participation in mission projects, both local and global and provides educational support for the social justice issues our church supports.

  • Keep Hope Alive
  • Bare Roots
  • Katrina Relief
  • Green Group
  • Emergency Shelter Meals
  • Rotating Winter Shelter for the Homeless
  • MIYO

For more information, contact: Royce Truex,

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works to ensure that our worship services glorify God while inspiring and encouraging participants into a deeper understanding of the Christian life.

  • Worship Planning
  • Communion
  • Ushers
  • Church Mice
  • Flower Guild
  • Liturgists

For more information, contact: Ralph Kalbus,

Resources Committee

Our Resources Committee oversees the financial and material resources of this church.

  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Congregational Giving
  • Business Management
  • Counters
  • Kitchen Crew

For more information, contact: Patrick Mitchell,

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for studying the congregation’s leadership needs and bringing a unified approach to the search for Officers (Ruling Elders and Deacons). The 2016-2017 Nominating Committee members are: Marci Duys (Chair), Anne Poore, and Matt Swalberg.  To recommend a potential candidate for Elder or Deacon, please contact Marci Duys,