Who We Are

We come from all walks of life and diverse faith traditions, but we share a common purpose—to uplift and sustain all those seeking to grow in Christian faith through worship, community, service, and mindful stewardship of all God’s creation.

For Visitors

Sunday worship is at 10 am, with Sunday School for children through Grade 5 beginning at around 10:15 after the children’s sermon. When you visit us on Sunday morning, you can expect a worship service that is traditional, but not overly formal. Music is an important element of our Sunday worship, as is liturgical art. We come from all walks of life and many faith traditions. More about visiting→

Our Purpose

In response to the gift of Jesus Christ, we seek to love and serve the world, expressing our faith through worship and service. In our service, we seek to be instruments of God’s love for the human family, joining God’s work in the world. In our fellowship we strive to create a community where all are valued. More about our purpose→

What We Believe

We believe in a loving, redeeming God, creator of the universe and all humankind. God’s unfathomable capabilities are often beyond our comprehension. God will not wreak havoc on what is created, and sheds the first tear when misfortune falls. God grants grace and forgiveness continually, and inspires us to love one another. More about what we believe→

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We are an open and inclusive congregation where all are welcome to worship and serve as full participants in our community. We welcome people of every class, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic orientation, and physical condition. More about inclusivity→

Our History

Our roots go back more than 100 years, beginning with a small worshiping community of San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS). When Montgomery Chapel was constructed in 1897 on the corner of Bolinas Avenue and Richmond Road, this community became a formal congregation calling itself the “Seminary Presbyterian Church.”  In 1907 when the town of San Anselmo was incorporated, the name was changed to First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo. More about our history→

Meet our Staff

If you have a question about worship, church programs, getting involved, or simply need an ear, our pastors and staff are available during office hours to assist and to listen. Meet our pastors and staff→